Knowledge is a good thing. Particularly if it is put into good practice, relevant and accesible.

Traditionally, the curse of knowledge is considered to be about the lacking understanding of another person’s level of knowledge, i.e considering it to be higher than is actual the case.

Today, more curses exist…



Lands of confusion

Back in the 1980’s the band Genesis had a huge hit with the song Land of Confusion in which they asked “Oh, Superman, where are you now?
When every thing’s gone wrong somehow? Men of steel, these men of power
I’m losing control by the hour”.




In search of better knowledge

Everybody wants more. And growth has become the top goal and KPI.

But do we really need or want more information, cars, online courses or machines?

How about refraiming the quest for knowledge to valuable knowledge?

Based on:





#Value proposition




Annette Rolsting

Annette Rolsting

Founder of Videnakademiet (the Knowledge Academy), Denmark. Ma in International Business Communication. Lived and studied in Denmark, Spain, England and Mexico.